Workshop Program


Wednesday, March 07

12:30-13:45 Registration
13:45-14:00 Welcome

14:00-15:15 Daniel von Wachter: Causes do not necessitate their effect
Coffee Break
15:45-17:00 Neil E. Williams: The Significance of Causal Relevance
Coffee Break
17:30-18:45 Richard Corry: Powers take the Field

19:30 Conference Dinner ‘Brauhaus Pütz’

Thursday, March 08

09:30-10:45 Olivier Massin: When forces meet each other
Coffee Break
11:30-12:45 James Ladyman: Dispositions and Forces
Lunch Break
14:00-15:15 Ralph Busse: Existence, Essence, and Law
Coffee Break
15:45-17:00 Helen Beebee: Against Dispositional Essentialism

17:15-19:00  Cultural Activities
19:30 Conference Dinner ‘Restaurant Feynsinn’

Friday, March 09

09:30-10:45 Barbara Vetter: How to be a dispositionalist about possibility
Coffee Break
11:30-12:45 Jonathan Jacobs: How to be an Aristotelian and a reductionist about modality