Dispositions, Causes, Modality

Workshop in Cologne

7-9 March 2012

Topic of the Workshop | Abstract

Dispositionalists are philosophers who defend the view that many or all properties have an irreducible dispositional nature. Some dispositionalists have recently claimed that causal powers, capacities, tendencies, etc. bring their own kind of modality to the world which is neither eliminable by counterfactual conditionals nor reducible to natural or metaphysical necessity. Forces or vectors sometimes serve as a preliminary characterization of a disposition’s sui generis modality. However, such a theory of dispositional modality has yet to be spelled out in detail. It would also have to reveal how dispositions and causation are related. This workshop wishes to investigate into the possibility (or impossibility) of such a project.


Helen Beebee
Ralf Busse
Richard Corry
Jonathan Jacobs
James Ladyman
Olivier Massin
Barbara Vetter
Daniel von Wachter
Neil Williams


Kristina Engelhard
Arno Goebel
Siegfried Jaag
Elina Pechlivanidi
Alexander Reutlinger
John Roberts
Stefan Schmid
Matthew Tugby
Daniel Wehinger

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Important Dates:

7-9 March 2012 Workshop
31 January 2012 Registration Deadline


Please send an email to arno.goebel[at]gmx.de by the end of January to express your interest in participating. We can unfortunately offer only a limited number of places.

Travel grants

We will be able to offer a restricted number of travel grants (up to 250 Euros each). PhD students and advanced M.A. students are encouraged to apply for these grants by submitting a short letter of motivation (200 words) and a short CV. The deadline is 4 December 2011. Please send the applications to Alexander.Reutlinger[at]uni-koeln.de.

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